Continue to Share the Message

September 5, 2014

Regular weekly letter to Bishop Chatard High School parents:

In last week’s parent letter, I shared with you how we addressed the recent suicides in the area with our students. The core of the message we shared at the “family meeting” was simple: You are loved. You have value. You are not alone.

I posted the parent letter on my daily blog as well. The response was incredible. To give you an idea, my little blog generally gets around 200 views a day. As of today, the letter has gotten over 8,000 views.

As simple as the message was, it was one that resonated with many people. Either they needed to hear it themselves, or they knew of someone in their lives who needed to hear it. I have been told that it has started some great conversations at home as well. I hope those conversations will be ongoing, and pray that people will continue to share the message of love with those around them.

Most gratifying of all was having a group of students come forward who want to do more, who want to carry forward that simple message in other ways. They are already at work putting some ideas together.

Please keep those who suffer from depression in your prayers, especially young people who are struggling to find their place in the world.


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