“God is not just in heaven, God is also on earth.”

November 4, 2014

I had the privilege of speaking at the Indiana Conference of Catechetical Leaders yesterday. I spoke on the topic of spirituality, using as our working definition: Spirituality is the aspect of our lives that allows us to develop and nurture a relationship with God.  

I shared with attendees a few thoughts on the subject from Ronald Rohlheiser’s book, The Holy Longing. A few key points Rohlheiser made:

  • Participation in a church community is a non-negotiable element of Christian spirituality
  • Spirituality is “as much about dealing with each other as it is about dealing with God.”
  • Rolheiser says spirituality is “what we do with the fire inside of us…”
  • The incarnation is the basis for Christian spirituality: “We are not simply theists,” he writes. “God is not just in heaven, God is also on earth.”

Summary: Spirituality is communal, interactive, hands-on, and focused on the here and now. Dying is not the only way to come closer to God. We have the opportunity to do it each day by how we live our lives.


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