Obedience of Faith

December 21, 2014

“…made known to all nations to bring about the obedience of faith…”(Romans 16:25-27)

As we head toward Christmas, and the celebration of Jesus coming into the world, it is a good time to reflect on our relationship with Him. Have we allowed it to be one-sided?

Yes, He came to save us from sin. Yes, He came to bring us joy and hope, and to allow us to experience unconditional love. But His birth, as Paul notes in his letter to the Romans, also calls us to an obedience of faith. We have a part to play in our relationship with Jesus.

Deitrich Bonhoeffer, an influential theologian who was martyred under the Nazi regime, said, “For faith is only real when there is obedience, never without it, and faith only becomes faith in the act of obedience.”

Obedience involves relinquishing control, a challenge for many of us. When we obey, we tell God, “I trust You.” That is faith.


One thought on “Obedience of Faith

  1. Bonhoeffer is inspiring. I read his biography by Eric Metaxes. Excellent. His explanation of “Cheap Grace” hit the spot for me. Brenda


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