The Moments

April 16, 2015

This week’s letter to the Bishop Chatard HS parent community was written by my wife, Carol, who serves as Director of Campus Ministry. So I guess that also makes her a guest blogger for today!

Note: If her writing proves more popular than my own, this will be her last guest blog 🙂

The pressure….I have been asked to be guest writer for the BCHS Weekly Newsletter – yikes!

I wrote my first draft and included countless details about what we do in Campus Ministry. I listed all of the retreats, service opportunities, mission trips, and more. I was ready to begin editing my work when a co-worker stopped by my office to visit for a few minutes. It was great to catch up with her. I had recently been thinking about her and wanted to see how she had been dealing with some health issues. It was a great visit as we were both present to one another. It was a meaningful moment in time.

Afterward, I reflected on my newsletter article. It just didn’t feel right. I asked myself, “What would I want to read about the Campus Ministry Office? Would I want details or insight?”

I chose insight and here it is:

The BCHS Office of Campus Ministry is so blessed! We are located in the center of the school – in the heart of the school. We get to organize and run many events, but what means the most to me, and to Cathy and Sara (my assistants), are the moments.

The moment that a student comes in with a look on her face that says she just needs a place to breathe and gather herself, or bounces in the office to share some good news. The moment that I open an email that contains words of encouragement or a “thank you” for something our students or faculty have done, or when a parent stops by to tell me how polite and helpful a group of freshman PE students were when helping with the garage sale. The moment that parents stop us to share that a retreat opened up their son to share like never before, and then thanks us for what we are doing. The moment that a student shares that her experience in Adoration was so moving, and that for the first time she felt the presence of Christ. The moment that we read a note from a parent after the St. Augustine Prom that says: “All the students are to be commended for demonstrating such selfless love toward the elderly and for conducting themselves with refinement, poise, and joyful spirits.” Reading another note of thanks from an alumnus who states, “Thank you for allowing me to see God through your shining spirit.” The moment that a student shares about Mass in El Salvador – on top of a mountain – and calls it the most moving celebration of the Mass he’d ever experienced. I could go on and on.

What do we do in Campus Ministry? We try to act on what it is God is calling all of us to do: to serve and enrich the lives of the Bishop Chatard High School community and beyond.

We hope to be a light to others. We shine the light of our small wick to help light the way for others. We don’t want the wick to turn in on itself and go out. When we shine the light of Christ’s love to others, we are building the Kingdom of God.

That is Campus Ministry at Bishop Chatard.


2 thoughts on “The Moments

  1. I think it is safe to day that you pretty much wrote a job description for all those who love Christ and want to share that love! Thank you, Carol and Rick for answering the call and doing God’s work together!

    Go make a difference🎼🎶 we can make a difference🎶🎼

  2. Yep, I wouldn’t let her guest blog too often … nicely done, Carol! I think you captured the essence of Campus Ministry to a T, and it’s nice to see that Bishop Chatard embraces the same values as GCHS. Amazing how that happened! Kudos to both of you … and keep the wonderful excerpts coming! Thanks for the day brightener. Sandi

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