Living My Faith Like A Tourist

I observed an AP Calculus class on Monday, and the teacher started class by reading the following reflection from The Daily Book of Positive Quotations by Linda Picone:

“When we are on vacation, we have a heightened interest in everything around us. Our eyes are wide open. We try new things and visit new places. We are upbeat and optimistic.

At home, we take many things for granted. Habit blinds us to discoveries that lie right before our eyes. We may never visit attractions that outsiders travel miles to see. We miss out on all sorts of opportunities because we are simply not looking for them.

I have often felt the same way after spending time with new converts to the faith. They are the “tourists” in the above reflection. They are so energized by their new faith; they can’t get enough of it. They are in tune with their faith in a way that makes me envious.

Those of us brought up in the faith tend to take it for granted. We don’t approach it with the same excitement and wide-eyed wonder of those new to the faith. As the reflection states: “Habit blinds us to discoveries that lie right before our eyes.”

Today I will do my best to live my faith like I’m a tourist.


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