Advent Reminds Us to Always be Prepared

November 23, 2015

We will soon be heading into the Advent season.

Advent is not a cram session. It is a time of preparation for the coming of Jesus – the coming of Jesus at Christmas, as well as the second coming of Jesus on Judgment Day. While we recognize Advent as a time of preparation, we should not view it as the only time we prepare. Advent serves as a reminder to us to always be prepared.

During Advent, this intensified time of preparation, we are offered many ideas for how we can prepare for the coming of Jesus: spend more time in prayer, do works of charity, go to Reconciliation, and more. These are all great things and excellent ways to prepare. I endorse them all. But when Advent and Christmas have passed, then what?

Again, Advent is not a cram session for the final exam of Christmas or Judgment Day, but a time to form good habits and reflect upon how we can better prepare year-round.

Preparation comes in the form of simple things we do every day. What does your daily preparation look like?


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