Prayer of Gratitude

November 26, 2015 – Thanksgiving Day

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with family and friends!


Because We Are Grateful

Heavenly Father, during this season of Thanksgiving,

We bow our heads to You and pray.

We give You thanks

Especially for the gift of Your Son, Jesus.

For beauty in nature,

For joy and health,

For providing for us daily,

And for your mercy and forgiveness


With hearts filled with gratitude,

We thank You,

For gifting us with good friends and families.

We are grateful for the people in our lives

Who have chosen us to be their friends

And for our families who accept us as we are


We rejoice that You have called each of us

To a life of service

We humbly seek to duplicate your example

By washing the feet of others


In sharing with others, we find our happiness expanded

And our burdens lightened,

And, for this and all of our blessings, we are grateful.


Because we are grateful

We ask for the courage to pay it forward

Today and everyday in Your name




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