Reaching Our God-Given Potential

December 10, 2015

Weekly letter to the Bishop Chatard HS (Indianapolis) parent community:

I asked Vince Lorenzano, BCHS Director of Safety and Wellness and Head Football Coach, to write a letter this week, reflecting on the team’s State Championship season. The championship was the thirteenth for the BCHS football program, seven of those with Vince as the head coach.

I have known Vince for a long time. I coached against him (and lost each time) when I was the head coach at Brebeuf Jesuit and he was at Cardinal Ritter. I then worked with him when I was the Athletic Director here at BCHS.

I am proud of Vince for what he has done for the Bishop Chatard football program over the years. His influence goes far beyond wins and losses.

Thank you and congratulations to the entire coaching staff, and of course, our student-athletes!

I have been asked by Deacon Rick to write this week’s letter to the BCHS family. He asked that I speak to you on the success of our football team this past season and the manner in which we were able to bring home Bishop Chatard’s thirteenth State Football Championship.

It is such a fulfilling and meaningful endeavor to coach the young people here at BCHS. I have always tried to steer us away from talking about winning and instead for all of us to focus on reaching our God-given potential. There is nothing that makes a coach prouder than to see a young person achieve great things. 

One of the things that we have constantly talked about to the young men is that sooner or later, they will face adversity. Someday, someone in their lives will pass away; they may get injured; they could have a family struggling with divorce or separation; or there could be financial hardships. Any number of difficulties will be faced as they grow up. Our goal as coaches and leaders is to prepare these young people to deal with adversity and to respond to tough times appropriately. Don’t get me wrong, winning is great, but the joy of seeing a young person overcome obstacles in life is what makes both parents and coaches proud.

This year began with a few difficulties, including some injuries and coaching adjustments. However, as the season progressed our young men rallied to the cause and continued to play hard. They never strayed from our goals or plan of action. They stayed true to themselves. They held one another accountable in tough times and played together as a team.

Deacon Rick and I have conversed often on the many difficult things our young people confront in our world today. We talk about how difficult it is to be a parent these days because of that. I think we both agree that sometimes we must allow our young people to fail in order to learn — to fall and scrape their knees, to experience disappointment, but learn to rise and grow and get better.

As the year progressed, our team did all of these things. They learned from mistakes; they learned from losses; and they grew and continued to improve all year. We play the twelfth toughest schedule in the state of Indiana. This includes all 325 teams that play football in Indiana. We don’t put together this type of schedule to show off. We do it to find out about ourselves, and our team. The world will challenge our young men soon enough, so it is essential that we as leaders form our young people to handle those challenges.

Our players overcame many things to succeed, to reach their God-given potential as football players. Our road through the playoffs required us to play ranked opponents each week, each a Top 10 program. Imagine the pride our young men must have felt, completing this journey successfully with a victory over a tough West Lafayette HS team in the State Championship game.

Let me close by thanking all of our families, parents, coaches, school administrators, teachers, and support staff for all that you did to help these young men achieve not only a State Championship, but also their God-given potential.


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