The Most Meaningful Lessons Don’t Come From Textbooks

February 2, 2016

As I mentioned yesterday, this week is National Catholic Schools Week. The following words were shared by Bishop Chatard HS senior Ann Marie Matheny following our weekly all-school Mass:

Most of my 18 years of life have been spent in Catholic schools.

To my classmates: The sense of community we have experienced is unlike any other. Even if you don’t realize it, it is one of the most beautiful blessings God has bestowed on us.

Catholic education has allowed me to serve, lead, explore, discover, and integrate myself into this world. I share laughs with my friends, family, and the faculty. My school is my home away from home. I have the ability to express who I am as a student, an athlete, a sister, and a daughter. I can be Ann Marie.

Our teachers care so much about each and every one of us. They care about me. I am not really sure what I did to deserve the respect and friendship I experience on a daily basis, but I can’t thank God enough for it.

I have grown in my faith, and have also become more aware and more appreciative of it. I can set time aside for prayer, participate in weekly Mass and monthly Adoration, and practice good stewardship.

The most meaningful lessons I’ve learned have not come from textbooks, Powerpoints, or Canvas modules. They come from my experiences, and my interactions with friends, mentors, strangers, and leaders within this community.

During Catholic Schools Week, keep in mind the wonderful people God has placed in your life – those who have supported you and cared about your wellbeing. Express your gratitude to them. A simple “thank you” or smile goes a long way.



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