“It’s about touching hearts…”

February 3, 2016

Continuing on with National Catholic Schools Week reflections, here are some of Pope Francis’ thoughts on Catholic education:

Pope Francis, once a Jesuit teacher himself, focused a large portion of his speech at the Vatican on the need for educators to ensure they’re educating the whole child.

“His biggest message was our common mission,” Bimonte says. “No matter where you come from in this world, if you are involved in Catholic education, we need to educate the head, the heart and the hand.”

Bimonte continues: “In this country we talk about educating the whole child. It’s not just about employing information and filling heads with knowledge. It’s about touching hearts, changing attitudes, having people understand and have a sense of common good and that your education is not just about you and your own advance, but rather the common good.”

The pope also acknowledged that teachers are underpaid and undervalued, Bimonte says.

“It was his hope that countries around the world would come to appreciate the important role that teachers play and show their value accordingly,” he says.

Source: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2015/11/30/pope-francis-urges-educators-to-make-catholic-schools-affordable


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