Pray for Deacons

May 31, 2016
A friend sent this to me. I was unaware of this special day to pray for deacons. Thank you, Mary – we can use all the prayers we can get!
St. Philip, the Deacon, pray for all deacons
to be worthy servants of the Gospel.
May the Holy Spirit fill them with the same passion
that you had to continue the mission of Jesus
by crossing borders to bring the Good News of God’s love to all.

In response to the social injustice of the Greek widows being neglected in the daily distribution, the apostles laid hands on seven men. One of those men, Philip, became one of the first missionaries of the early community. He boldly proclaimed the Gospel by first going to Samaria and then later south of Jerusalem where he encountered the Ethiopian court official. —Acts 8: 26-40
On this Jubilee for Deacons, pray for Deacons everywhere, and personally thank those deacons that you may know for their service to God’s people.

One thought on “Pray for Deacons

  1. Rick, thank you for all you do for so many!! Ron and I start our day with your reading. We so enjoy it. What a gift you are! Hugs Celeste

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