Storm heaven with prayers

July 1, 2016

Five young men from our our school community, Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis, are in need of prayer.

These members of the recently graduated Class of 2016 were in a serious automobile accident yesterday.

Two of the boys have been treated and released. The other three are in Intensive Care.

Please storm heaven with your prayers:

*For the three boys in ICU, that they may be stabilized, to allow repair and healing to begin

*For the two boys released, and the emotional struggle they will experience

*For the families of all the boys – strength and courage

*For the Class of 2016 and the entire Bishop Chatard community

Thank you in advance for joining me in prayer.


6 thoughts on “Storm heaven with prayers

  1. Totally just stumbled on this blog but it is listed as one of the top blogs on wordpress right now.

    Just wanted to say keep up the amazing job 🙂 We need more great Deacons!

  2. I will be putting your request for prayers in the hands of the Sisters of Providence and at the shrine of St. Mother Theodore Guerin. Our prayers are with you! Sr. Jeanne Hagelskamp, SP

  3. Daily Rosaries and Masses are being said for these boys from our SS Peter and Paul prayer group in Naperville, IL.

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