Don’t Be An Observer

August 18, 2016

The following is my weekly letter to the Bishop Chatard parent community:

We have gotten off to a very smooth start this school year. I am proud of our staff and students in the positive approach they’ve taken to the “work” of school.

With a large number of new families joining the BCHS family, I thought it might be a good time to share ways both students and parents can engage more fully in the life of the school.

Students: Take advantage of all the school has to offer. In the past, there were freshmen students who told me they were hanging back their first year, getting the lay of the land before they dove into anything new. The problem with that theory was that they became comfortable being observers, and never became active participants. Their four years came and went, and they left high school with regrets.

Bishop Chatard offers 26 sports; active music, art, and theatre departments; countless clubs and activities; retreats and service opportunities; dances; and on and on. The academic part of high school is but one component in the formation of the whole child. We want our students to engage in the physical, social, and spiritual components as well as the intellectual.

Don’t let your kids tell you they “didn’t hear about it.” We have morning announcements. We also encourage students to check their school e-mail and The BluePrint each day to stay current on all that is happening in the school. There is no excuse for not knowing that something is going on if you’re a student at Bishop Chatard! (Note: Check out The BluePrint yourself at

Parents: We want our parents to be active members of the community. If we truly believe “it takes a village” to form a child, then all villagers need to do their part. Please consider engaging in the life of the school. Here are just a few ways to do that:

  • Stay informed by reading the weekly e-newsletter.
  • Participate in school-sponsored events: Back-to-School Night (next Wednesday!), Annual Fund Dinner, BCHS Golf Outing, Open House, Chatard-a-Bration, etc.
  • Come to student activities! Come see some ballgames – there is no requirement that your child be a participant in order for you to come to a game. Come to band and choir concerts, theatre productions, and art shows. Bring your family to a Comedy Sportz match.
  • Volunteer to help! These above-mentioned events don’t run themselves; we need your help! Consider helping transport students on Community Service Day. Join a booster club.
  • Join us for Dad’s Day Breakfasts! Five times each school year, we offer a breakfast for dads and their children. We offer a hearty breakfast, an interesting speaker, and intentional time with your kids. Our first Dad’s Day Breakfast is on September 9 and will feature our new chaplain, Fr. Doug Hunter. To RSVP:
  • Pray with us and for us! You are welcome to attend any of our weekly school Masses (dates and times can be found on our website). You can also sign up to receive our weekly prayer requests:

I offer the same advice to parents that I do to students: Don’t be an observer. Don’t allow this special time in your child’s life to get away from you. Don’t look back and say, “I wish I had…”



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