Storming Heaven: Day 66

September 5, 2016
On June 30, 2016 five young men, members of the recently graduated Bishop Chatard Class of 2016, were in a horrific automobile accident. Two of the boys were treated and released that night, but the other three sustained life-threatening injuries.
There were countless surgeries as each of the three boys progressed from intensive care to surgical recovery rooms. Two of the three then continued on to a rehabilitation hospital.
Update: Three of the five – Patrick, Douglas, and Luca – are off to college. Luca is still in a brace and will continue rehab on his college campus. On August 26, Lewis was released from the rehab hospital and is continuing regular rehab from home. This past Saturday, Timmy was released, also to continue rehab from home.
66 days after the accident, all five boys are out of the hospital! After what these boys went through, that is nothing short of a miracle!
Via this blog on July 1st, I asked you to “storm heaven with prayers” for the boys. Tens of thousands of you from all over the world responded with well-wishes and prayers. The families reported often that they could “feel the prayers.”
The families recently sent a thank you to the Bishop Chatard community for all of the prayers and support. Because so many of you participated in storming heaven with prayer, I wanted to share their gratitude with you (see it below).
Please continue to keep the boys in your thoughts and prayers as they still have a long way to go…but having them all home is cause for celebration!
Dear friends,
There are not words to say how grateful we are for the support received from the Bishop Chatard community during the past two months. From the moment that each of us received the phone call that every parent prays will never come, you have been with our families.  As difficult as any day became, we knew we were never alone as our boys recovered both physically and emotionally from the automobile accident on June 30. So many people, some close family and friends and others we’ve yet to meet, have provided physical, emotional and spiritual support beyond measure.
All you’ve done for us – the blood drives to pay back and restock the extensive supply used in the hours immediately after the accident, to the prayers, the donations, and the flags flown to demonstrate solidarity – have helped us immensely. The Trojan Storm was unbelievable, and it clearly had impact. Our boys, along with our entire families, will feel forever connected to all of those who have held us up during this time.
So, now, life goes on. We don’t take that for granted, and we want to gratefully acknowledge the role the Bishop Chatard community continues to play. Life goes on for ALL OF US because God has given us great doctors, great friends, loving families and a community of people who genuinely care.  Our journey continues and we ask that you please keep praying for our boys, and know that we are also praying and thanking God for you.

2 thoughts on “Storming Heaven: Day 66

  1. Alleluia! The power of prayer is amazing! Our prayers will continue for all the boys, their families, and the entire BCHS Community!

  2. The pier of prayer! I am so proud that my 3 daughters are BCHS grads! The community there is awesome and all the prayers for those 2016 graduates in the accident show the awesome BCHS community! I was a public HS graduate so I can see the difference! Prayers continue for the young men and their families! God Bless BCHS and its alumni and parents!

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