Leave Your Door Open

September 18, 2016

Last Sunday, the gospel reading was the story of the Prodigal Son. I have heard that story hundreds of times, but Fr. Jim offered a new perspective I had not heard before, focused on the father.

He said the father came out of his house twice in the story – once to run to his “lost son” to offer him forgiveness and welcome him home. The second time he left his house was to comfort and encourage his older son.

If the father in the story represents God, we should understand that God is always open to us — whether we go to Him as sinners seeking mercy or go to Him for comfort in our distress.

If the father in the story represents me, I should understand that I cannot stayed closed up in my house if I expect to grow and nurture my relationships with others. Others must know my door is always open. I will exit my house to run to those who seek mercy; I will come out to comfort a friend in need.

Then, just as the father did in the story, I must welcome them (or welcome them back) into my house, into my life.


One thought on “Leave Your Door Open

  1. Father Jim’s homily last week on the Prodigal Son was very powerful and was made even more meaningful by the use of different ways of finding oneself “lost”. Your reversal of roles for the father in the parable is another very powerful image which puts the onus on ME to “leave the door open”. Thank you!

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