He Will Leave the Door Open for Us

October 28, 2016

I asked one of our teachers, Sr. Kathleen, to introduce our school Mass this past Wednesday. The introduction usually includes a brief reflection on the readings we will be hearing at Mass.

Sr. Kathleen sought the help of her students, asking them to share their thoughts on the readings of the day. Wednesday’s readings were focused on obedience.

Senior Spencer Polak had this to say:

In today’s world, we tend to view obedience in terms of a hierarchy. However, we need to shift our perspective on obedience and understand that obedience is simply listening.

Obedience is the act of listening to one another. By listening to one another, we become a stronger family. By listening, we learn to respect. By listening, we learn to love.

Those who listen, those who love, are the ones who will enter the Kingdom of God.

Rather than being a lukewarm Catholic, we are encouraged to play an active role in our faith, to go out and love one another. When we go out and make a difference, we open our lives to God.

If we leave the door open for God, He will leave the door open for you.


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