Shameless Self-Promotion

November 4, 2016

To all:

I am a bit uncomfortable using my blog as “advertising space”, but please indulge me this one time (or maybe two times if I repeat this message in a few weeks).

I am happy to announce the publication of my second book, titled Fifty Homilies from the Deacon’s Desk. It is exactly what the title suggests – fifty of the over one hundred homilies I have delivered since being ordained as a permanent deacon in June of 2012.

It is an honor and a privilege to be allowed to proclaim the gospel and preach. I take this responsibility seriously and do my best to provide practical application of His Word to our daily lives.

The book is slowly making it into a few local bookstores and is available for purchase on Amazon online. I will alert you as the book becomes available at other locations.

However, you can order the book now via this website. Simply click on the “Buy Now” button to the right.

The advantage of purchasing the book via the website is that I am able to donate $2.00 per book sold directly to Helping Our Own People (HOOP), an organization serving the unsheltered homeless living near downtown Indianapolis. 

For those who may be interested, my first book can also be purchased (another button on the right). The book is titled, Remember What’s Important. It was published in 2011 and contains a variety of writing – letters I have written to my children at key points in their lives, letters to the parents of the school community I served at the time (Guerin Catholic High School in Noblesville, IN), “God moments” I have experienced, etc. Again, I am able to donate to HOOP when you purchase the book via this website.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please pass this information along to anyone you think may be interested.

This concludes my shameless self-promotion.





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