Cardinal Tobin: It Has Been Our Privilege

December 6, 2016

It was my honor on Saturday to serve as Deacon of the Word at Cardinal Tobin’s Mass of Thanksgiving. Celebrating the Mass offered Cardinal Tobin the opportunity to express his gratitude to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, his home for the past four years. He was recently reassigned to the Archdiocese of Newark and will not be with us much longer.

He is an extraordinary man. I am honored to have served the Church under his leadership these past four years.

At the end of the Mass, as the priests of the archdiocese processed out ahead of us, I took a moment to put a hand on his shoulder and thank him for his years of service.

With tears in his eyes, he responded, “It has been my privilege.”

It has been our privilege, Cardinal Tobin.

May God continue to bless you and your work in the Church!



One thought on “Cardinal Tobin: It Has Been Our Privilege

  1. Deacon Rick;

    Just wanted to send you a note of thanks,,,,,We have met a few times and are parishioners at OLMC. We came to Guerin Catholic mainly by way of Father Josh and then Watching your conduct as Principal of GC. Sadly for us you moved To your new “post” before our 2 children enrolled at GC. But we have continued to follow Your blog since you left for Chatard and we wanted to let you know you have continued to influence our Lives and our children’s lives through your thoughts, life lessons and family stories. So one reason for this email is to thank you for continuing to write….and share….

    The second reason is about Bishop/Cardinal Tobin. We have been coming to Turks & Caicos as our second home for 13 years and we have assisted in a small way to work with our parish here to build the school, a new church and Parish community…..and you may not know it but Cardinal Tobin has jurisdiction Over our Parish in TCI. Bishop John Joseph came here a few times when we were on island So just though it was interesting that Cardinal Tobin will have some friendly faces here when he comes To the parish at some point in the future. Jamie and I have supported Marian University in many ways but Mostly in fundraising for 21st Century and San Damiano scholarships for over 10 years and we met then Bishop Tobin on his first night in Indy at the Marian Gala and then again at numerous events at Marian….

    Once again, we thank you for all you do for others and your words of wisdom and grace through Your blog…..

    Fred & Jamie McClaine c 317.339.3884 |


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