Resolving to be a Better Communicator

January 2, 2017

Reflections on a New Year:

I resolve to become a better communicator in 2017. I am not referring to improving my mechanics, although I certainly need to continue to hone those skills. What I really mean is that I need to consider how I communicate with others, i.e. the spirit and sincerity with which I do it. Maybe I should reflect on these issues:

When considering what method I should use to communicate, I need to consider…

…going directly to a person with whom I have a conflict.

…avoiding the gossip of the parking lot, lunch room, or bleachers.

…not putting anything in an e-mail that I would not be willing to yell from a rooftop.

What if before I communicated something I was to…

…carefully consider who my audience was?

…consider the other person’s perspective?

…take a deep breath in order to avoid giving a knee-jerk reaction?

What if while communicating with another person I was to…

…see Jesus sitting across the table from me?

…allow the other person to see Jesus in me?

I think if I can focus on this one New Year’s resolution, I can accomplish many other things as well. If I am a better communicator, I will build better relationships. I will in turn be a better deacon, husband, father, friend, co-worker, community member, and Christian.

What if everyone had this same resolution for the New Year? What if we all decided en masse to work at being better communicators?

May this New Year bring you and your family much joy, along with more direct, honest, and loving communication.


One thought on “Resolving to be a Better Communicator

  1. great food for thought. I’m keeping this one and setting up reminders for myself to revisit this list regularly. Thank you and Happy New Year! S T. L U K E C A T H O L I C C H U R C H Stewardship – Something We Do

    Therese Hartley Volunteer Coordinator/Stewardship Department 7575 Holliday Drive East Indianapolis, Indiana 46260 (317) 259-4373 x 248 (317) 254-3210 Fax Web:


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