Has My Ministry Become a Job?

February 23, 2017

The following are reflection questions I asked the Bishop Chatard staff to consider prior to our recent faith formation session. You may find this self-assessment to be a healthy exercise for you or your workplace as well.

It is healthy for the members of all organizations, even great ones, to take time for a self-assessment. It helps to ground them and re-focus them on their organization’s mission.

The following reflective questions are not intended to serve as an indictment of anyone or to sound any alarms. It is simply a challenge to all of us – to assess where we are in our ministry to the students of BCHS, and to one another. It may serve as affirmation or perhaps call us to re-focus on what is really important.

I was uncomfortable as I wrote the questions, very aware that I was guilty of many of the less-than-Christian behaviors myself.

The questions may challenge you as well, and that’s OK. Being challenged allows us to grow.

I know that I need to do this right now, so I invite you to join me.


Do I offer welcoming acceptance to all or do I tend to stand in judgment of others?

Do I spend time in productive and worthwhile conversations with others or do I allow gossiping to slip in?

Do I allow others around me to gossip or do I attempt to re-direct the conversation?

Do I offer every student or co-worker my best or are there some who get less than my best for some reason?

Do I complain about problems or am I part of the solution?

Am I open to change and possible growth or do I fight to maintain the status quo?

Do I isolate myself or make an effort to connect with others?

Do I keep to my work friends or reach out to others – especially new staff members or those who may need our support?

Do I spend more time affirming others or criticizing others?

Do I channel my frustration productively or allow it to get the best of me?

Do I “go to the source” with my concerns or vent to a few in private?

Do I use “us” versus “them” language?

Have I allowed my ministry to become a job?


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