Resurrection = A New Life

April 2, 2017 – Fifth Sunday of Lent

He cried out in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” The dead man came out, tied hand and foot with burial bands, and his face was wrapped in a cloth. So Jesus said to them, “Untie him and let him go.” (John 11:1-45)

In the video series, Catholicism, Fr. Robert Barron does his best to help us wrap our minds around the concept of resurrection. 

In order to do so, he distinguishes between resurrection and resuscitation, using the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead to make his point. Lazarus was not resurrected (at least not this time). Rather, he was resusciatated. He was brought back to life, returned to the earthly life he knew and given a  chance to continue living that same life. With no offense intended to Lazarus and his family and friends, that is not what we are seeking when our time comes to an end.

When we die our earthly death, we hope to be resurrected in Christ. We want to experience eternal life, and it will bear no resemblance to the life we have lived here on earth. Resurrection will not give us a second chance at our current life. It will offer us a new life. Our human minds cannot fully understand the concept of heaven, but through Jesus’ teachings we know that it is not just more of the same.

Many of us fear death. Perhaps this fear comes from the misconception that “life after death” will just be a continuation of our earthly life. Our fear of death might be diminished somewhat if we hold out hope in the resurrection, and a new life of unimaginable joy.


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