Shared Until All Are Fed

April 28, 2017

“There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish; but what good are these for so many?” (John 6:1-15)

In John’s Gospel, Jesus feeds five thousand people through the miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fishes. The incredible power of Jesus is on display, but I believe the message goes beyond the miracle itself.

People are hungry. They seek nourishment. They seek healing and consolation, forgiveness and understanding. They are hungry for the Word. They are starved for compassion and long for a charitable spirit.

Perhaps we are the loaves of bread in the story – the bread that is passed among those who are hungry and provides nourishment to so many.

In the liturgical song Christ, Be Our Light, verse three reads: “Longing for food, many are hungry. Longing for water, many still thirst. Make us your bread, broken for others, shared until all are fed.”

Could it be that today’s Gospel is not a miracle story at all, but rather a job description for being a member of the Body of Christ?


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