Happy Mother’s Day

May 14, 2017

My daughter Laura writes letters to her little girl, Ellie, in order to capture memories to pass on to her later. The letter I am sharing below was written nearly 4 years ago. It is a beautiful letter that expresses the joy of motherhood and gratitude for the gift Ellie has been to Laura and her husband, Joey – a perfect sentiment for Mother’s Day!

As Laura’s father, it is gratifying to watch Laura, who has wanted to be a mother since she was a little girl, and Joey become such loving, caring, and nurturing parents right before my eyes.

Laura has given me permission to share this letter with you:

Dear Ellie,

Today you turn 4 months! Boy have these first 4 precious months flown by. It’s hard to wrap my mind around. When did this happen? I don’t know when or how, but somehow you’ve grown from a newborn snuggled on my chest to a grinning 4 month old standing on my lap.

I have always felt like a natural when it comes to babies and kids. However, when I was pregnant with you, I didn’t really know what to expect. Would I still feel like a natural when it was my own child? Would I know what to do? Was I ready? When you’re pregnant, people love to tell you how hard it is to have a newborn baby and that you have no idea what you’re in for. The more I heard this and the closer it got to your due date, the more anxious I became. Your daddy and I decided ahead of time that no matter how hard being new parents was, we were going to be positive and enjoy each stage. Well … I am not going to say it was easy. It wasn’t and isn’t; becoming a parent for the first time is an unrelentingly challenge. You are forced to be completely selfless, life is no longer all about you. However, I think that because of how much help daddy and I had, the transition went as smooth as it could have. Living with Grandma and Grandpa was and still is a God-send.

The day we brought you home will be a day I always remember. We had visitors at the house because everyone wanted to meet you. You began to cry, a cry that tears a new mother’s heart into tiny little pieces! When you cried, everyone looked to me to know what to do. I broke down and cried myself because I just didn’t know what was wrong. I was your mommy; I was supposed to be able to make you happy. I quickly realized that I knew very little about you, and you suddenly felt like a tiny little stranger. I decided to nurse you, and you calmed down quickly. Through the hours and hours of nursing, snuggling, changing, bathing, and playing, I have now grown to know you better than anyone. I now know what makes you happy, as well as what makes you sad or scared. I continue to learn more and more about you every single day.

Some of your favorite things are … mommy, nursing, giggling with daddy, bathtime, naptime, rocking on the front porch, your hands, your feet, talking, rolling over, looking at faces, and smiling. You have such a sweet, bubbly personality. You make someone’s day when you catch their eye and give a big grin. Your first smile made all of the exhausting work of being a parent totally worth it. I finally knew I could make you happy! I was doing something right!

Some things that make you sad or scared are … missing mommy, feeling hungry or tired, bedtime, loud noises like applause, bottles, and teething. You are really an easy-going baby, but you are definitely a mommy’s girl and aren’t afraid to let people know when you just want or need your momma!

Last but not least, you have an amazing daddy! You are a blessed little girl to have a daddy that loves and cares for you so much. I am a blessed wife and mommy to have a husband that cares for me and helps me like daddy does. Sometimes it takes daddy a little while longer to figure you out or know just what to do, but he’s learning more and more each day. His favorite time with you is in the morning, because he says you are the best alarm clock. You smile and stretch, and it melts his heart. Sometimes I even get a little extra sleep while daddy plays with you!

I love you sweetie, and I look forward to watching you continue to grow into the beautiful girl that you are.



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