Meeting Jesus with Our Eyes, Hearts, and Minds Wide Open

March 3, 2019

The following is a reflection written by my wife, Carol, while on a trip to El Salvador with a group from St. Pius X in Indianapolis:

How we meet Jesus in El Salvador…

With our eyes wide open!  With our hearts and our minds wide open! We see and hear about the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We look at one another through the lens of God. God sees no borders. Can we see the world this way too?

God loves all of us just the same. His love never waivers. He loves each one of us, whether we are from Indiana, Guarjila, or Portillo. He loves us more than we can ever love him.

At some time in our lives, our hearts burn with pain. Our lives are broken but we can choose – will we be paralyzed or be ignited?

This week we saw, felt, and experienced the gift of the body of Christ and what it can be in all our lives.

I saw Christ through Luis and Gio. The way Luis cares for all of us even getting a small step to make it easier for us to get in and out of the van, and the way Gio supports Kathy as she walks tirelessly to all the sites. I also saw Christ through the kindness of the other Tamarindo leaders: Noemi, Chamba, Cobra, Marilu, and John. I heard Christ as Fr Jim Farrell shared his faith, love and laughter. I experienced Christ as I heard about Romero shedding his blood…in hope that it would be the seed to liberty and a sign that hope may become a reality.

We met Jesus in El Salvador with our eyes wide open.

Now… what is our part in this journey?

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