Praying with One Voice

May 2, 2019

Last night, Carol and I gave a talk to married and engaged couples at St. Pius X Parish we called, Praying with One Voice as a Married Couple,

We focused on two areas: Why pray together? (foundational) and How do we pray together? (practical)

Here are the points we discussed:

Why pray together?

Prayer strengthens your relationship as a couple – there is strength in unity.

Prayer is intimate and personal.

Your shared prayer is unique to the two of you.

Prayer establishes God and faith as the foundations of your marriage.

Obligation – You are called to bring your spouse to holiness, to get them to heaven!

How do we pray together?

Allow your shared prayer life to evolve, try new things and continue to tweak it.

Making time to pray. If it is a priority, you will do it – schedule it!

A time and a place – can you dedicate a space? Identify “the place” you’ll prayer together.

Have variety in your prayer life – that will keep it fresh stretch you as a couple.

We also suggested that the couples also think of prayer as living a prayerful life. When you serve at a soup kitchen together, lead scripture studies together, reach out to people in need together…that is prayer! You are communicating your love of God…together!

Finally, we gave them 2-part homework: A shared prayer assessment and a commitment to prayer.

Assessment questions included:

  1. How would you describe your personal prayer style?
  2. How would you describe your spouse’s prayer style?
  3. What are you hoping praying together can do for you?
  4. Where are you now in your efforts to pray together?

The commitment included:

  • We will do our best to increase our prayer time together, and will include the following elements in our Prayer Plan:
  • We anticipate the following obstacles:
  • The strategies we will employ to overcome those obstacles are:
  • We agree to implement this plan to the best of our ability and to review our plan in 6 months to check our progress. (The couple then signs the commitment)

We also gave the couples a sheet with prayer suggestions for them to try. I will share those suggestions on the blog tomorrow.

Please pray with your spouse!


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