Pray with Your Spouse / Intended

May 3, 2019

Yesterday I shared some thoughts Carol and I offered at a gathering of couples at St. Pius X on Wednesday night. I indicated that we sent them home with some practical and creative suggestions for praying. As promised, here are those suggestions:

Praying the traditional prayers of the Church is important. It supports solidarity and unity. Spontaneous words of prayer are also important and keep an ongoing dialogue going with God.

There are also other types of prayer. Practical suggestions for prayer or for leading a prayerful life, beyond the words of traditional prayer, are offered for your consideration:

Check additional resources, such as:

Parish bulletins: Check out all that is available in your parish

The Criterion newspaper

Websites such as: and


Study it together as a couple, Lectio Divina

Join a Bible study group or start one!

Faith-based, spiritual reading:

Find a book to read together and discuss

Parish library

Watch faith-based programming / videos together:


Nooma videos

Catholicism series

The Passion

Attending Mass:

Mix up which Mass you go to on Sunday, and sit in a new spot

Go to a weekday Mass together once a week

Visit small town churches…make a day of it

Other forms of prayer as a couple:



Stations of the Cross



Journal and share


Daily intentions



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