Blessings, Discoveries, and Reminders

July 27, 2019

Today is the last day of a long vacation for me. Time away from jobs and responsibilities has been a blessing. I discovered a few things and was reminded of many others.

I discovered…

…that there are reading glasses that are also sunglasses — who knew? (Your answer is probably “Everyone knew that” – but I don’t get out much). What a game-changer! I read six books while sitting on the beach.

…that when I don’t shave for a long time, my beard now has gray hair sprinkled throughout.

…that I am capable of doing absolutely nothing for extended periods of time. My wife, Carol, has insisted for years that I am incapable of sitting still and relaxing for any length of time. Not only did I discover I am capable; I really enjoyed it (a fact Carol may come to regret).

I was reminded…

…how much I love my wife, my children, and my grandchildren. Other than one of my daughters-in-law, the entire family (17 of us) was together for the first week of the vacation. What a gift!

…how beautiful the Mass is. I was able to ride a bike to daily Mass. As a deacon, I assist at many Masses, but rarely have the opportunity to “attend” Mass and appreciate its beauty.

…how important my faith and my Church are to me.

…how blessed I have been by the people God has put in my life.

…how much work I have (we ALL have) to do in spreading the gospel message. I have ministry duties and responsibilities at St. Pius X, Bishop Chatard, and St. Meinrad Permanent Deacon Formation program – so much God has asked of me (of ALL of us), but how life-giving and precious that work is.

…how much I love being a deacon.

This vacation, this Sabbath if you will, has been such a blessing. It has renewed my energy and spirit. I feel strengthened to step back into ministry. I will do my best to move forward in my faith and encourage others to do the same.



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