Q & A on Guardian Angels

October 2, 2019 – Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

Does every human being have a guardian angel?

Yes, every human being, whoever was, is, or will be, has a guardian angel. The existence of angels is a dogma of Faith, and the existence of guardian angels is clear from holy scripture and tradition; but whether or not every human being is given a guardian angel is a question that lies in the realm of opinion. Almost all the saints and doctors affirmed it, but a few of the early fathers believed that only the baptized are given a guardian angel. Saint Thomas affirmed that every man receives a guardian angel in his Summa Theologica (First Part, Question 113) and he provides irrefutable arguments why this must be so. It was the common teaching in his time and no doctor every questioned it since the thirteenth century. Therefore, if we look to the ordinary teaching of the Church, it would be rash and certainly offensive to pious ears to deny it.

Why is every man given a guardian angel?

Because God wills the salvation of all men. And all men need and receive sufficient grace to be saved. The guardian angel cannot force his trust to cooperate with grace, otherwise the will would not be free, but he acts as a channel of actual grace, working with God’s providential designs, to bring the person he is guarding in contact with outside occasions of grace: good Catholics, religious and lay, good books, a good teacher, good words and examples. The more a man cooperates with grace the more graces he will receive.

Source: https://catholicism.org/qs-as-on-the-guardian-angels.html

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