Personal versus Private

November 8, 2019

Thus I aspire to proclaim the Gospel… (Romans 15:14-21)

Sometimes it seems like we are ashamed of the Gospel; or at least we act as though we are ashamed of it. If we were really proud of the Gospel message, and striving to live it daily, we would be shouting it from the rooftops. We would share it enthusiastically whenever and with whomever we could.

Yet, we don’t do that. We certainly are in no danger of being put to death for proclaiming the Gospel message, so what is behind our hesitation to do so?

Many would respond, “My faith is personal. I prefer to keep it to myself.”

Your faith is personal. It is based on your individual relationship with God. However, I would argue that your faith is not private. It is meant to be shared with others.

“I believe in one (communal), holy (of God), catholic (universal), and apostolic (we are sent) Church…”

Nothing in our Creed says private.

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