“Dancing Around the Wrong Altars”

November 16, 2019

In the video series, Priest, Prophet, and King, Bishop Robert Barron touched on man’s tendency to worship false gods, or as he described it, to “dance around the wrong altars.” Further, he warned that, “when you give up the worship of God (by worshipping the wrong things), your life disintegrates.”

Four false altars he addressed were:

  • Wealth – The pursuit of money at all costs, with the thought that wealth will bring happiness
  • Pleasure – A total focus on temporal pleasures, providing fleeting happiness
  • Power – The need to be in control
  • Honor – A desire for recognition and adulation

Happiness comes through right worship. With his Law of the Gift, St. John Paul II reminded us that worship goes beyond the walls of a church. We worship God when we make a gift of our lives: “Our being increases in the measure that we give it away.”

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is good to reflect on our perception of happiness and consider where best to focus our attention. Right worship means giving thanks daily, showing gratitude to God by making a gift of our lives.




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