All In Defined

January 28, 2020

Often when preaching, I encourage people to be all in. Fr. Jim uses this phrase as well. We are warning people against having a lukewarm faith; we want people to be fully committed.

A friend of Fr. Jim sent this reflection to him recently. While agreeing with the need to be all in, it defines what all in might look like for each individual.

I am wondering if people who don’t go “all-in” sometimes don’t “go-in” at all?

I can’t go all-in for a 7-day mission trip to El Salvador….but I can pray for the pilgrims and the people of that country.

I can’t go all-in and march in the nation’s capital…but I can respect the rights and dignity of all life

I can’t write the big check for a particular worthy cause…but surely I can give something

I can’t go all-in and walk the streets of downtown Indianapolis and help the homeless…but I can have 21 Fourth Graders decorate gift bags with “Jesus Loves You” and fill it with a hat and pair of gloves and donate to the HOOP ministry

The list is endless, yes?

We all can’t always go “all-in” with our time, talent, and treasure but we are all expected to “go in” some way.

ALWAYS we go “all-in” with our hearts and our love; we go “all-in” to whatever it is God is calling us to


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