Putting His Gifts to Use

January 30, 2020

Today we will be celebrating Mass as part of Catholic Schools Week. What a perfect gospel message for today’s celebration!

Is a lamp brought in to be placed under a bushel basket or under a bed, and not to be placed on a lampstand? The measure with which you measure will be measured out to you, and still more will be given to you. (Mark 4:21-25)

God gives each one of us incredible gifts, and we have an obligation to share those gifts – to let them shine brightly for the world to see.

If you have a beautiful voice, you need to sing. If you have artistic ability, you need to draw, paint, or sculpt something beautiful to share with the world. If you are gifted academically, you need to put those gifts to work. If you have leadership gifts, then you need to lead.

If you do not share these gifts, if you hide them under a bushel basket, you are being selfish.

Don’t reject these beautiful gifts from God.

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