Social Distancing vs Social Isolation (1)

March 30, 2020

Over the next 3 days, I will be sharing portions of an article written by Alex Ross for The Culture Project. Alex is the daughter of a good friend. Among other things, she encourages us to “rest in the presence of the Lord” and to “live in the light.” To access her entire article, go to:

The human person is not created for isolation. We are made for communion. Physically, psychologically, and spiritually, we flourish as human beings when we have a sense of greater connection to others, and to the world around us! During this time of quarantine, let’s fight to keep social distancing from becoming synonymous with social isolation. I’m not talking about isolation as a medical practice, but isolation as the personal experience of feeling alone and disconnected. How can we fight against isolation? By cultivating practices of communion with God, ourselves, and others, even from within our homes. 

There are not a lot of times in history in which the entire world has unified around something. But, right now, we are all in this together! The whole of humanity is putting aside their differences to take distancing measures that can protect the most vulnerable among us. That is pretty beautiful when you think about it. People all over the world are experiencing similar struggles. You are not alone in feeling alone. My hope is that the following tips can help you make this a time of meaning and communion! 

Love the ones you’re with!

Community is the school of love. If you share a home with family or friends, now is the time to let intentional community blossom! Don’t pass each other by. Share life together and invest in your relationships more than ever before. Prioritize time with one another before hopping on to online communities. Try discussing love languages, personality types, favorite books, or topics that haven’t come up yet. Ask questions, work on communication, and seek to understand the hearts of your loved ones in a new way. Intentionally share life together. This can be in small ways, such as preparing meals together, or in more creative ways, such as having artistic adventures or themed activity nights! Let your brains go wild! We learn more about others through sharing new experiences with them. Finally, find small and big ways that you can love and serve during this time, and practice those. Being close to the same people for an extended period gives us the chance to learn how to love them unlike ever before! 

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