Jesus Wants All of Us

April 9, 2020

It will be a different Holy Thursday for us this year. During the Mass, we are used to processing forward to have our feet washed, re-enacting the incredible act of humility Jesus offered his disciples.

This year, the Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper will be “virtual.” The Mass will be live-streamed as we honor our state’s stay-at-home order. There is no way to have our feet washed virtually…or is there?

Instead of coming forward to have our feet washed, we should drag our baggage to the foot of the altar – that baggage that is full of stress and anxiety, guilt, sinfulness, and shame – those bags are our dirty feet in need of washing.

Jesus wants us to come to Him regardless of the size or weight of our baggage, regardless of how dirty our feet are.

During this current health crisis, we should feel free to bring our doubt as well – it is OK to be unsure. It is not OK to reject Him because we don’t understand what is happening in our world, but it is OK to be unsure. However, when we are unsure it is incumbent upon us to look deeper, to ask questions, and to bring our doubt to Jesus, so He can help us work through it.

We can also bring our fear – nothing or no one can provide the type of comfort that Jesus can. We may be afraid, but He is not.

Jesus wants all of us – our baggage, our doubt, and our dirty feet.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Wants All of Us

  1. This would have been one of those Masses where I could not wait to meet you after Mass and hug and thank you for your words, your presentation and your love for the people of St. Pius. I am proud to say I am a member of St.Pius family.
    God’s Speed
    Dan Ihrie

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