Appreciating the Trinity

June 7, 2020 – Feast of The Most Holy Trinity

My pastor, Fr. Jim Farrell, once described the Feast of the Holy Trinity as “the Church’s attempt to explain God.”

I remember the course we took on the Trinity during my deacon formation. At the end of the weekend long session, the sixteen of us looked like we had been put through the ringer. We looked dazed and confused, some even disoriented. The Trinity is a mind-blowing theological concept. Begotten, consubstantial, tripersonal God, tritheism, and more. We had difficulty wrapping our minds around all we had learned. The thought that parishioners might come to us to help them understand the Trinity left us a bit unsettled. It proved to be, as we had always been taught, a mystery.

Also from Fr. Jim: “The Trinity is a mystery to behold, not to be solved.”

It is always worthwhile to spend time studying, digging into, and asking questions about our God and our faith. Such efforts keep us engaged and active; but we should be careful. Our tendency may be to get so caught up in trying to understand Trinity, that we do not appreciate Trinity.

The Trinity is our creator, our human example, and our voice – one God, three gifts.

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