I’m Glad We’re Not Like Those Old Testament People…Right?

July 7, 2020

With their silver and gold they made
idols for themselves, to their own destruction. (Hosea 8:4-7)

Many of us have trouble relating to the readings of the Old Testament. We can’t imagine a world in which people worship idols of gold and silver as if they were gods.

I mean, what kind of misplaced priorities must those people have had? I’m glad I didn’t live back then. Modern society has come so far.

Sure, we work too much and don’t give our spouses and children the time they deserve. After all, that is what it takes to be successful, and we all know success equals power and money. Not that we have to be filthy rich or anything, but we want to be comfortable, of course. It’s important that we have nice things and put away plenty of money for retirement.

There are times that we are jealous of others – we would love to have what other people have. Sometimes we wish we had someone else’s job, or status, or money, or even spouse; but that’s just human nature, right?

Modern society has done it right. We know who God is.

We don’t need to resort to worshipping idols…right?



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