Proper Focus Will Be Rewarded

August 19, 2020

“Thus the last will be first, and the first will be last.” (Matthew 20:1-16)

The readings from Matthew’s Gospel have had a recurring theme this entire week: Keep your eye on the prize. As a matter of fact, Jesus uses the exact same words the last two days, “…the last will be first, and the first will be last.” Perseverance and proper focus will be rewarded.

The “last” Jesus refers to are those who keep their eye on the prize. They stay focused on what’s important. They do not allow themselves to be distracted from God’s work, unlike the rich young man who followed all of the Commandments, but was unable to let go of his possessions, or the workers in today’s Gospel who concerned themselves with how much each was paid.

We need to stay focused on the work of God rather than on the things of the world.

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