Presentation of Mary

November 21, 2020 – Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Church tradition holds that at a young age, Mary was presented to the Lord in the temple by her parents Joachim and Anna. It was there, in the temple, that Mary was dedicated to the Lord and made her vow of chastity. She lived and grew up in the temple until she was betrothed to Joseph.

What does the Feast of the Presentation mean for the Church? What does it mean to us?

We all are presented to the Lord in Baptism. Mary entered the temple with her parents and was offered to the Lord. We are not only offered to the Lord at Baptism, we become the temple of the living God through Baptism.

Mary shows us what it means to be a temple of the Lord through her pregnancy. Just as, literally, Jesus was within her, so, literally, the Holy Trinity is in us through Baptism. Do you respect yourself and others as temples of the living God?

As Mary was conceived without any stain of sin, and she remained so all of her life, we, ourselves, are cleansed of all sin at Baptism, but we fall and sin. Do not be discouraged, though. Mary bears the title “the Refuge of Sinners.” In your weakness, in your failings, go to your Mother.


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