Video Homily: It’s About Our Response

January 24, 2021 – Third Sunday in Ordinary

My pastor, Fr. Jim Farrell, was scheduled to preach this weekend, but was experiencing a bad case of laryngitis. He asked me to fill in for him on short notice.

So, I have no scripted homily / text to share with you, but if you’d like to listen to / watch the homily as delivered at the vigil Mass last night, click below. God bless you!

One thought on “Video Homily: It’s About Our Response

  1. Rick,

    I have been meaning to write this note to you for some time – – but after todays homily, I told Nick, I MUST get a note written to Rick TODAY!

    I have often reflected after your homilies (OK, maybe even during!) or while reading your blog posts, that when I wrote a letter of recommendation for you when decided to follow your calling to be a Deacon, that although I was confident you would be a great Deacon, I really had NO idea just how good you would be! Thank you for sharing your insights and for inspiring us to be not only better Catholics – – but better people. Better children of God!

    I know writing a recommendation doesn’t really give me any authority to offer you suggestions…. but I do have one to share! 🙂 Although we have found your homilies in the past to be extremely good, I must say that hearing your words today and experiencing your enthusiasm as you shared it from in front of the alter, was a very special experience! No need to rock back and forth on your feet and wait for inspiration from the Holy Spirit. You, my friend, have found other ways to capture that inspiration. And maybe, just maybe, today you realized the Holy Spirit is calling you (maybe even begging you!) to share your talents in another way! Take or leave my suggestions. Either way, we will continue to be listening and reading your inspirational – – and many times challenging – – words!

    Thank you Rick! We appreciate you! Lisa and Nick


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