Heal Us

March 13, 2021

Each day during Lent, I am highlighting a Lenten Word (or phrase) of the Day from the readings of the day. I encourage you to reflect on this word or phrase and incorporate it in your prayers today.

Come, let us return to the LORD…he will heal us (Hosea 6:1)

HEAL US: I think there are many disciples, including myself, that consider themselves “no maintenance” type of people – “I’m fine; I got this; I can handle it.” We put on a facade of invisibility; nothing fazes us. To allow people to see us hurting or in need of assistance gives the impression we are weak and leaves us vulnerable.

Spoiler alert: We’re not fooling God. He knows we are broken and feels our pain. He knows the burdens that weigh us down and the challenges that cause us anxiety. God knows we need healing and stands ready to provide whatever we need to ease our pain. He will heal us if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, if we will call out to him and avail ourselves to his help.

God forces himself on no one. He wants to help and is eager to embrace us. Nothing delights God more than having us accept the love he offers.

It’s that simple: Put aside the “tough guy” facade. Turn to God, accept his love, and allow him to heal us.

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