Come to the Water

April 3, 2021 – Holy Saturday

Each day, I reflect upon a word or phrase from the readings of the day. I encourage you to do the same and perhaps incorporate that word or phrase into your daily prayer.

Thus says the LORD: “All you who are thirsty, come to the water! You who have no money, come, receive grain and eat; come, without paying and without cost…” (Isaiah 55:1-2)

COME TO THE WATER: How many different ways has God told us to come to Him in our need? Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door shall be opened to you. Seek and you shall find.

In today’s reading from Isaiah, He again extends this offer to us.

What is keeping us from accepting His offer? Is it our need to control things? The desire to hide our vulnerability?

What is it that you are thirsting for? Maybe the peace that comes from knowing Jesus is present in your life; a break from the chaos and non-stop pace of your life; the courage to make an important decision or to forgive someone who has hurt you. Perhaps you just want to be wrapped in the arms of someone who loves you unconditionally.

Regardless of the reason for your thirst, God invites you forward, to “come to the water.” He will provide you with whatever it is that you need. You’ll drink the life-giving water He offers and find comfort.

His love is boundless, so the next time you thirst He will be there, once again inviting you to come to Him.

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