Happy Birthday to Carol!

January 24, 2022

Today is my wife’s birthday (and officially kicks off her ‘birthday week’). I’ve been blessed to have Carol in my life since high school, and have been happily married to her for nearly 39 years.

I wrote the following poem for Carol when I was ‘courting’ her, and the final line still rings true: God put me here to love you, just as you are here for me

 What God Had In Mind

There are times I wonder

What God had in mind

When He put me on this earth

I have no prominent talents

No heavenly visions

I do not spread His word

I go through each day

Asking myself why I am here

And what my purpose might be


Then there came a time

I saw your smile disappear

The twinkle in your eyes go dim

The torture my mind gave me

Had turned its wrath on you

You wondered what your purpose was

Why God had put you here

You too searched for answers

To ease the sadness from your mind


Then suddenly I realized

In your sorrow I saw my purpose

And my goal became quite clear

God put me here to replace your smile

To renew the twinkle in your eyes

And remind you of your inner beauty

As you had done so many times for me


God put me here to love you

Just as you are here for me

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