Comfort and Hope

June 15, 2022

Each day, I reflect upon a word or phrase from the readings of the day. I encourage you to do the same and perhaps incorporate that word or phrase into your daily prayer.

Let your hearts take comfort, all who hope in the Lord (Psalm 31:25)

COMFORT and HOPE: I don’t usually draw my inspiration from the Responsorial Psalm, but today is an exception. I like the image of our hearts being comforted and filled with hope.

God has a plan for each of us. Placing trust in God will bring this plan to fruition and reveal a humanity that is the very best reflection of Our creator. Instead of focusing on everything that’s about to change and giving power and control to temporary distractions, we are called and challenged to fix our eyes on the one, guaranteed constant in this world – God. Keeping this indispensable relationship strong will make all the changes in life more bearable.

If we keep God’s will in our heart, we will find our way. Discovering that will bring a whole new kind of peace into our life. Allowing this peace and presence of Jesus to control our lives will cultivate hearts fixed on God.

Let the peace of knowing God has a plan for us, and the knowledge of His presence in our lives, fill our hearts with hope.

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