The Seed

Each day, I reflect upon a word or a phrase inspired by the readings of the day. I encourage you to do the same and perhaps incorporate that word or phrase into your daily prayer.

Jesus answered, ‘Knowledge of the mysteries of the Kingdom of God has been granted to you; but to the rest, they are made known through parables’…The seed is the word of God. (Luke 8:4-15)

THE SEED: If you have followed me at all the last couple of years, you know I have been writing and talking incessantly about the need for Christians to be effective storytellers – that it is critically important that we share our experience of God. In so doing, we plant seeds of hope for those who may not recognize God’s presence in their lives.

The gospel for today could not be more perfect!

First, Jesus explains to his disciples that the knowledge of the Kingdom of God is made known through parables – by telling stories. Stories are relatable. Sure, I can read scripture to you and I can talk Theology. However, the chances of me connecting with you and getting you to recognize God’s loving presence in your life are much better if I share stories of my personal experience of God.

Second, the parable Jesus told was about sowing seeds. Again, that’s what storytelling does! Each time we share our personal experience of God’s presence in our lives, we plant seeds of hope. The more stories we tell, the more seeds we sow. The more seeds we sow, the greater the growth potential. It’s a numbers game; no seeds are planted if we ignore our obligation to spread the gospel message – to share our stories.

Tell your stories; plant seeds of hope!

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