Why Show Gratitude?

August 27, 2020

“I give thanks to my God always …” (1 Corinthians 1:1-9)

When we hear “give thanks to God always,” it makes me wonder, “Does God need to be thanked?”

You may only think of giving thanks in terms of verbal gratitude or time spent in prayer. It is important to understand that we say “Thank you!” to God in many ways. We do so by living lives that glorify Him. We express gratitude when we show love and support for others, when we are selfless in our actions, when we carry a positive attitude into every situation, as well as when we spend time in prayer. We say “Thank you!” by both word and deed.

God isn’t sitting in Heaven counting how many times we say, “Thank you!” That would be a bit Self-serving. We don’t express our gratitude for His sake, we do so for our sake. Being grateful keeps us in tune with how blessed we are. It serves as a reminder that God has been good to us. It nurtures in us a generous spirit. And most importantly, it keeps us grounded in the fact that we are nothing without Him. Nothing we have accomplished has been done on our own and nothing we have has been earned by us alone.

No, God does not need to be thanked, but we need to thank God.

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