Pray to God With Confidence

November 18, 2013

Luke 18:35-43

“What do you want me to do for you?”
He replied, “Lord, please let me see.”
Jesus told him, “Have sight; your faith has saved you.”

The exchange above was between Jesus and a blind man who sat alongside the road. When the blind man heard that Jesus of Nazareth was passing by, he called out to Him.

It should be noted that the blind man’s call was not one of desperation, but rather, one of confidence. He asked Jesus to allow him to see, fully confident that Jesus could fulfill that request. That confidence came from a deeply rooted faith, acknowledged by Jesus when He responds, “Your faith has saved you.”

How do you approach prayers of petition? Are you praying in order to hedge your bet? Not sure what you believe and what you don’t, but you pray just in case? Not sure if God can answer your prayers, but figure it couldn’t hurt to ask?

I have two suggestions to consider when you pray: First, approach Him with confidence. Second, end your prayer with “Your will be done.” In so doing, we honor HIm. We are saying, “All things are possible with You, and I trust You to do what is best for me.”

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